Bradstone Life

Bradstone are committed to putting sustainable practices at the heart of our business. The Life logo clearly identifies Bradstone's sustainable products to make it easier to understand

Life doesn't just set a precedent, it also sets a standard. Each of the solutions that carry the Life logo meet or exceed the three benchmarks that Bradstone have set in the key areas of carbon reduction, non-primary material content and water treatment, or control wirhin a SUDS solution.

Sustainable products in Bradstone's range include:

  • Stonemaster
  • Panache Ground
  • Driveflair

Bradstone also follow Responsible Sourcing guidelines ans have achieved the BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing Certificate from BRE Global. This status means that you can have absolute confidence that Bradstone's products have been responsibly sourced, and that you're getting the construction industry's most sustainable and future proof solutions