Poultry Roasting

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  1. Weber Poultry Roaster
    £20.78 inc. VAT

    This clever device helps you create the perfect roast chicken every time! Now redesigned with a tapered can holder to support a variety of widths. Made of plated steel, the poultry roaster is perfect for grilling beer can chicken as well as roasted chicken.

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  2. Weber Style Poultry Infusion Roaster 6731
    £50.39 inc. VAT

    A versatile piece of kit, you can use the Style Poultry Infusion Roaster for the perfect roast chicken, nachos or even chocolate brownies! The non stick ceramic-coated pieces are easy to clean too

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  3. weber rotisserie basket
    £52.49 inc. VAT

    Out of stock

    An attachment that expands your cooking options even further. It's perfect for creating the most deliciously crisp and flavoursome potato wedges, and the adjustable basket means food can be held securely inside, so it's also possible to cook smaller pieces of meat, ribs or even fillets of fish with this rotisserie attachment. For use with all Weber barbecue rotisserie accessories, except Q1000.

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  4. weber GBS poultry roaster
    £71.39 inc. VAT

    The integrated cup section helps to infuse poultry with delicious flavours and moisture as it roasts. The base section has space for roasting vegetables around the bird and the cut out holes allow heat to penetrate and fat to escape. It can also be used to bake bread and cakes

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