Weber BBQ Chimney Starters

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  1. Weber Portable Rapidfire Chimney Starter
    £18.99 inc. VAT

    Out of stock

    Please note:


    • This is not suitable for 47cm or 57cm kettle barbecues (e.g. Master-Touch)
    • This only holds enough fuel for portable barbecues (e.g. Go-Anywhere or Smokey Joe)


    If you are buying for use with a Weber Master-Touch or other full size barbecue you will need a standard version.

    You can purchase one as part of our Weber Chimney Starter Set which comes complete with lighter cubes and 2kg of briquettes for just £24.99.

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  2. Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter 7416
    £22.49 inc. VAT

    Recommended by barbecuers everywhere, it's the easiest way to get perfectly lit charcoal; fill the cylinder with briquettes and place over some Weber lighter cubes to get your briquettes burning. Ideal for 47cm and 57cm charcoal barbecues.

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  3. Weber Chimney Starter Set
    £28.99 inc. VAT

    All-in-one kit contains fire-lighters, 2kg briquettes and Rapidfire chimney starter - the ultimate kit for a great barbecue

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