Certified by Weber 3 Hour Cookery Course

Come along to get inspiration for your barbecue evenings, try out new barbecue accessories and share a fun experience. BBQ Courses certified by Weber involve a mix of practical instruction at the barbecue and demonstrations of techniques and products by the grill masters. During the course, the food that is cooked by the teams is evaluated by the grill masters and enjoyed by the participants.

You can also look forward to trying out new Weber products during the course, especially the new Genesis II gas barbecue and the Kettle Plus. Other new products that will be used during the course include the new iGrill digital thermometer and the new GBS cast-iron wok. The aim of BBQ Courses certified by Weber is to advance the barbecue culture and share our passion for barbecuing. You can barbecue anything, it’s just a matter of how.

Summer Menu Course | 05/05/2018

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4 Course Menu

Starter: Prawn skewers & bruschetta 
Main course: Garlic roast chicken, Mediterranean potatoes and courgette salad 
Dessert: Waffles, grilled fruit and chocolate sauce 
Snacks: Focaccia, ribeye steak and spareribs with a BBQ glaze

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